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24V Lithium Battery

24V Lithium Battery

24V Lithium battery replacement SLA battery


• Lower total cost of ownership 

• Up to 8 times the cycle life compared to equivalent SLA 

• Saving up to 50% in battery hardware costs over the life of the system 

• Reduction in labor replacement costs by up to 7 times 

• Greater capacity utilization (80% vs 50%) allows a reduction in overall system size


• Photovoltaic power storage

• Small UPS backup power

• Security monitoring

• Street lighting system

• 5G station backup power

• Emergency lights

• Courtyard lawn light system

Project details

1Rated Capacity50Ah100Ah150Ah200Ah
2Rated Voltage25.6V25.6V25.6V25.6V
3Standard Charge Current (0.2C)10A20A30A40A
4Max Charge Current50A100A150A150A
5Charge Cut Off Voltage29.2V29.2V29.2V29.2V
6Standard Discharge Current (0.2C)10A20A30A40A
7Max Continuous Discharge Current50A100A150A150A
8Discharge Cut Off Voltage20V20V20V20V
9Max Pulse Discharge Current (5 seconds)100A200A300A300A
10Working Temperature (charge)0~450~450~450~45
11Working Temperature (discharge)-20~55-20~55-20~55-20~55
12Storage temperature (Within 1 month)-20℃~45-20℃~45-20℃~45-20℃~45
13Storage temperature (Within 1 year)-10℃~35-10℃~35-10℃~35-10℃~35
14Battery Weight13.2kg22kg35kg40kg
15Battery Size (mm)328*172*214483*170*241520*269*220482*400*133

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